What is Fractional Marketing Leadership™ (FML) – Why You Need It

Invoke Insights   •   April 25, 2019

We’re often asked two simple questions by prospective clients:

  1. How do I know if I need Fractional Marketing Leadership (FML)?
  2. Why have your clients chosen to utilize FML?

The answer to both questions is the same. It’s either because the client’s internal marketing team lacks marketing experience and expertise, or they don’t have available capacity to get the job done. Deeper exploration of these two key areas of need and some examples where FML provides a game-changing solution are outlined below:

  1. Your company lacks marketing experience and expertise, but you’re not ready to hire a full-time marketing executive
    1. You might have a solid marketing director or manager, but know they don’t have the acumen needed to take the company to the next level of growth
    2. You need senior marketing leadership to train and grow your internal marketing team
    3. You recognize the value of bringing in an outside experienced view to assess current marketing strategies and executional results
    4. You need someone with deeper marketing experience to build a solid and strategically sound marketing plan to set the foundation for growth
    5. You need a seasoned branding, positioning and communication expert to develop and/or strengthen your current brand position and to help train your team to nurture/grow the brand
    6. You realize your marketing and sales disciplines are not working well together and need to be better aligned with the overall business growth plans
    7. You appreciate the value of an unbiased perspective and input into helping your leadership team develop overall business plans that truly maximize growth objectives

2. Your internal marketing team has the ability and expertise required to manage the overall marketing; however, they simply don’t have any available capacity to address the key marketing initiatives required for growth

  1. You have a few special projects that require dedication outside the capacity and scope of the internal team such as:
    1. Developing a branding/communication strategic plan and managing the execution
    2. Conducting a best customer analysis and modeling for new customer acquisition
    3. Identifying and mapping the critical touch-points in your customer journey
    4. Setting up marketing metrics for tracking effectiveness and ROI of marketing tactics
    5. Creating and managing internal training for a specific business unit or service
    6. Identifying and developing strategic partnership alliances
  2. You need to merge a newly acquired business or service offering into the company portfolio
  3. You need to define and measure various testing scenarios to best determine how to maximize marketing budgets vs. revenue goals

    Invoke is a strategic marketing & brand communication team focused on BRAND alignment, CUSTOMER experience, and CULTURE integration. We provide Fractional Marketing Leadership that gives you a team of experienced marketing executives to develop and strengthen your marketing strategies, maximize the impact of your marketing efforts and help grow your internal team.