Our Story

(And We’re Stickin’ To It)

What fuels us is the passion, dedication, expertise and focus to grow brands through building stronger engagements, with your customers AND your employees. Our ability to uncover and communicate the true essence of a company’s brand is among the best in the country.

We’ve developed a proven process for identifying a brand’s customer journey and true identity, internally and externally. This process delivers an effective communication strategy that will strengthen your brand or company’s identity.

We work as your brand champion with all your marketing resources (ad agency, PR, internal departments, HR, etc.) making sure everyone is in ALIGNMENT with your BRAND VISION and your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

We leverage our vast industry experience and expertise to utilize the best practices and solutions for your unique growth opportunities.

Meet The Team




Tim is a high-energy and innovative EOS Traction experienced marketing professional with an extensive background in all areas of strategic marketing including; Brand Development, Branding, Positioning, Direct Marketing, Hyper-Targeting/Segmentation, Partnerships, Ideation and New Product Development.

His expertise has driven the development and delivery of new brands, marketing concepts and solutions for B2C and B2B clients and he has an acute understanding of C-Suite expectations and strategic issues. A passionate and persuasive presenter with experience on both the client and agency side of the marketing continuum, he provides a unique and practical perspective on a myriad of marketing situations and business issues.


Mark loves to challenge the norm. He has often been referred to as the “Honda” of the marketing world. Just like they found many excellent uses for their engine technology, Mark finds new and creative ways to handle marketing.

With over 30 years in the branding, marketing and customer brand experience arena, he’s helped to grow businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms. He has extensive experience across a wide array of industries. Mark builds cohesive teams in branding, marketing, events and creative execution to deliver measurable results.

Creative Director

Kris is known for delivering visually unified brand experiences through a unique process that merges her innovative design skills and strategic thinking. Beginning with a thorough understanding of a brand’s strategic framework, Kris crafts graphic identities, digital and traditional communications, customer journey maps and infographics to help forge a truly integrated visual brand.

Often working with cross-functional teams, Kris applies her passion for design excellence and technical know-how to create ideas that will grow with her clients as they expand and prosper.

Executive Vice President

Chris has years of experience working with companies to motivate and inspire their employees to do more, creating sales incentives to drive channel sales and executing unforgettable event experiences around the globe. Chris dives deep into his customer’s culture to ensure that he provides the very best solutions that deliver meaningful and measurable results. He is skilled in helping companies, both large and small, achieve their business and sales goals.

Chris is responsible for overseeing programs involving Global Meetings & Event design, Loyalty Platforms and Award & Recognition programs.

Customer Growth Strategist

Tres has a passion for helping companies grow the value of their customer relationships. He has worked with a wide range of companies, from start-ups to international giants to develop and refine their CRM, customer insight and customer engagement efforts. He has led the design, development, execution and analysis of numerous loyalty programs over his 20+ year career.

Tres’ skill sets are a blend of marketing, technology, finance and behavioral economics. Practical and pragmatic, he prides himself on driving measurable results. Tres always starts with 3 questions… which customers, what behaviors are we driving, and what are those behaviors worth?


Jen has spent 25+ years in the Meeting & Incentive (M&I) industry, where she has a passion for creating exceptional events such as national sales meetings, sales incentives and training retreats, all from start to finish. Her talents include everything from the initial sourcing and contracting of events to the on-site execution and everything in between.

Jen is well known and respected in the M&I industry and has an extensive list of vetted hoteliers and logistical suppliers, as she only wants the very best for her customers! Jen is known for her strong negotiation skills and her ability to excel in a detail oriented and fast paced environment.

Our Process


Our proven process brings clarity and succinct definition to who you are, what makes you unique and relevant and how to get to where you need to go!. We involve your executive team, staff, customers and vendors in our process to define and refine your brand in order to deliver a meaningful and consistent customer experience. This process creates a stronger communications platform to help build your brand, implement a merger, or redefine a brand experiencing significant growth or change.

Areas Of Focus

Our experience has proven successful in a wide range of markets and business situations, however we have a unique expertise in the following markets and disciplines.

Marketing Analysis


Mergers and Acquisitions

Knowing the health of a brand is critical to a successful M&A. Our thorough yet rapid marketing analysis process will provide you with the information you need to make a well informed decision. The results will inform you on the strength of the brand in the market place, the effectiveness of all marketing efforts, and the strength of the internal team and external resources. Call us for no-fee consultation on how we can support you.

Medical Device and Healthcare

We excel at medical marketing and supporting the needs of medical device, healthtech companies and healthcare organizations. Keeping pace with the rapidly growing healthcare industry requires organizations to be laser focused with their positioning. Our experience in healthcare provides you with a broad spectrum of insights regarding consumer and care provider needs. We understand how to translate the high tech medical world into real world results.

Customer  Experience & Employee Engagement

What your customer experiences is critically dependent on how deeply your employees are engaged with your brand and core values. This is what BRANDING FROM THE INSIDE OUT is all about!

We develop, execute and manage both internal and external strategic communications that are consistent with the brand identity and relevant to your specific audience or stakeholder groups.

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