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Examples Of Successful Design Campaigns

The Family Housing Fund asked Kris to produce the creative and the brand expressions for a nonprofit initiative that shares best practices around the affordable housing issue. Marketing and social media strategy, branding, print, website and mobile design were all developed as a part of this initiative.

U Deliver Medical had a unique product offering and needed a marketing strategy along with product names, logos and graphics. We have helped them establish a strong foothold in a market that hasn’t seen new innovations in several years. Their annual growth has been in the double digits.

Navitor needed a new brand identity and an integrated branding to set it apart from competitors. The integrated branding project included a new logo, brand identity and e commerce website, in addition to advertising and social media campaigns, infographics, trade show booth, and even an event space. Kris also coached the internal design team to extend and build the brand. Sales lifted dramatically in year one.

Kris worked closely with a new tech company—VoiceHive—designing their brand identity and website, in addition to an advertising and social media campaign. The end result was an electric and vibrant brand that captured the energy of sharing ideas in real time.

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