Customer Experience

Strengthening Loyalty To Drive ROI

For Invoke, terms like Loyalty and CRM mean creating interesting, relevant, memorable and impactful experiences for your customers.  We gather customer insights and map out your customer’s journey to create experiences that drive engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.  We firmly believe that marketing is about making the cash register ring and growing customer value. So, we always develop your programs while considering BOTH marketing and finance implications, to create not only great Customer Experiences but also to drive incremental behavior and a positive ROI.

Strategy & Design

We help you conceive, design and implement Customer Loyalty and CRM Initiatives and guide you through every aspect of building and implementing the best program for your business. Including establishing the value proposition, tool selection , process design, member communications and reporting analytics.

Program Design

We employ high-level design thinking, insight and empathy along with behavioral economics to develop programs and experiences that your customers will love and that will deliver specific measurable results for your business

Financial Impact Analysis

We devise specific metrics and analysis protocols to assess if a program is driving incremental behavior or simply rewarding behavior that otherwise would have occurred. We then analyze your customer’s incremental behaviors through a cost evaluation filter to generate an accurate and relevant ROI and P&L.

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