Marketing & Business Strategy

Connecting Marketing & Business Strategy To Create a Foundation for Growth

Do you typically develop your Strategic Business and Marketing Plans as totally separate exercises? Are you essentially creating two of the most important components of your company’s future growth, in a vacuum?  If you are, you’re not alone and it’s one of the many reasons clients reach out to us for help!

At Invoke, we not only understand the importance of having a solid Marketing Plan that’s in sync with and in support of your Business Strategy, but we also have the Experience and Expertise to help you make it happen!

We will lead you through a proven 4-week planning exercise designed to bring you back in sync. Our process will quickly and thoroughly determine the key indicators of your company’s health and identify the critical drivers of your future growth and sustainability. It will highlight what’s working, what’s not, what needs to change, and most importantly, how to move forward!

Our unique process will combine information derived from in-person interviews, leadership discussions and work sessions, online research and a review of your current marketing/business strategic plans and materials.

The Invoke Process

Our Process Includes the Following Key Components:

1 – Initial deep dive with leadership team and key stakeholders to gain their perspective on the following:

Company current status, vision and growth

  • Revenue, staffing, locations, products, services, vision/values, and company culture

Internal marketing team experience and capacity

  • Positions, duties, experience, expectations/gaps in deliverables, vision for marketing team

Brand positioning/messaging

  • Positioning statement, brand messaging, points of differentiation (USP), brand voice (customer and employee)

Target audience

  • Description of key customers and rationale, description of persona, source of lead, customer purchase dynamics, customer experience/journey

Competitive landscape

  • Key competitors, messaging/positioning (USP), strengths and weaknesses

Marketing strategy and tactics

  • Overall marketing plan and strategy, history of previous campaigns successes/failures, communication channel review (website, email marketing, printed material, social media, broadcast, events, affiliate partnerships

2 – Evaluation, Research and Exploration

  • Evaluating input from client and secondary resources
  • Conducting additional research to fill any gaps
  • Recap session to highlight “what we heard” and “what stood out to us?”
  • Leadership agreement and prioritization of components to pursue

3 – Analysis, Insights and Recommendations

  • Mini-work sessions to dive deeper into each priority component to crystalize issues and resolve differences
  • Presentation of final insights, recommendations and next steps

We’re Ready To Help you Grow!