Medical Device and Healthtech

We excel at medical marketing and supporting the needs of medical device, healthtech companies and healthcare organizations.

Keeping pace with the rapidly growing healthcare industry requires organizations to be laser focused with their positioning. Our experience in healthcare provides you with a broad spectrum of insights regarding consumer and care provider needs. We understand how to translate the high tech medical world into real world results.

We understand the needs within the medical community and how to connect and communicate with a wide variety of marketing strategies, including:

  • KOL blogs and interviews
  • Patient and Clinician engagement
  • Patient and Clinician education
  • CE/CME course development
  • New Product Branding for worldwide markets
  • Web based clinical/surgical demonstrations
  • Physician/Caregiver interviews

Our unique experience has resulted in innovative ways to reach key target markets and audiences through:


Online Learning Programs

Webcasts and Webstreams


Meetings and Events

We are committed to MEASURABLE marketing and education programs.    

Invoke is unique in our region in its total capabilities as well as its on-call staff of CME/CE accreditation experts.  We advise our clients in whether to use this as a tool and then shepherd the process of achieving CME/CE accreditation and production.


Faster, better and highly credible access, exposure  and communication with your desired audience.